Word From The President

In 1989 with industries facing many difficulties and challenges, my dream was to create a business, within this industry. Armed with that dream, and with 20years of previous experience, I am proud to have had the courage to build this company to what we are today.   Through hard work, dedication and a clear vision of the future, luck has always accompanied me, and for that I am grateful.


Many factors contribute to that success. Those being; professionalism, hard work, efforts, sacrifices, talent and acquisitions, our staff, clients, suppliers, as well as other situations or people that have inspired our visions for the future.


Our market has evolved, and continues to evolve within Eurofret.


With evolving technology, laws, worldwide security issues designed to protect the integrity of our market, but, which create delays and penalties, our recipe and its ingredients remain the same:  A professional team of individuals, trusted suppliers, and an ever increasing clientele.


Eurofret thanks you for your loyalty!   I thank you!